Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Real-world problems are solved by free-thinkers unencumbered by convention. At Truman, you learn how to leverage a liberal arts and sciences mindset to turn thought into action. Then you can use that action to make an impact on your life, your community, and the world.

Presentation of check and plaque to winner of Bulldog BITE competition


Students Win Cash for Innovative Ideas

Bulldog B.I.T.E. (Business Innovation by Truman Entrepreneurs) is a competition open to all Truman students that lets you gain experience in the art of pitching an idea. Students present their business idea to a panel of judges, and the top finalists receive seed money to put their ideas into action.

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Community Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum

This online forum provides a space where you can share your thoughts and bounce ideas off others.  Any member of the Truman community can register for free and share information.

Community of College Entrepreneurs

Community of College Entrepreneurs

Join the Community of College Entrepreneurs to meet other entrepreneurs from all majors. The organization connects you with outside resources such as other entrepreneurs, alumni, and companies willing to help a student’s startup.

Truman Graduates Excel at Turning Thought into Action

Through educational exploration and intellectual engagement, our graduates develop the type of mindset that creates successful entrepreneurs. They challenge assumptions and think at a higher level of complexity to find solutions that are overlooked by others. Meet some Truman graduates and see how they forged their own path.

Doug Villhard

Doug Villhard (’94)

“It took us several businesses and several failures before we got it right. Starting a business is easy. Having it be successful is hard.”
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Austin Hayden (’15)

Most young entrepreneurs use technology to build their empires.  Austin decided to take a retro approach to sell his recreational water pads.
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Shaunelle Curry

Shaunelle Curry (’95, ’97)

“I had the heart of a social entrepreneur. I wanted to bring about systemic and institutional change in my community.”
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