Turning Thought into Action

Truman offers the perfect training ground for innovators because our learning community promotes critical-thinking skills across multiple disciplines. Put into practice, those skills are ideal for evaluating a problem and developing a better way to address the situation at hand.

Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs at Truman

Student-Run Business Initiative

Students who participate in the Student-Run Business Initiative gain experience starting and running businesses. Zampaw, the first student-run startup business at Truman, is aimed at enriching the livelihood of pet owners and pets.

Community of College Entrepreneurs

A group of entrepreneurs from all majors, the Community of College Entrepreneurs unites entrepreneurial students within Truman and connects them with outside resources such as other entrepreneurs, alumni, and various companies willing to help a student’s startup. This organization provides resources for members to start their businesses/organizations and create a growing community of like-minded innovators and leaders.

Course in Entrepreneurship

The School of Business offers an entrepreneurship class each fall semester. Preview the syllabus for the “Art (and Science) of Entrepreneurial Thinking,” a course that teaches students how to think like an entrepreneur.

Business Innovation by Truman Entrepreneurs - Pitch CompetitionBusiness Innovation Competition for Entrepreneurs

Bulldog B.I.T.E. (Business Innovation by Truman Entrepreneurs) is a competition open to all Truman students that helps learn the art of pitching an idea. Students present their business idea to a panel of judges, and the top finalists receive seed money to pursue their ideas.

Alumni Entrepreneurs

Liberal arts graduates are often creative enough to envision grand goals and rational enough to be strategic in implementing plans to achieve them. Here’s a sampling of some of our alumni who are using the power and versatility of their liberal arts education to forge their own path.