The Student Experience Beyond the Classroom

Living and learning happen together. As a residential campus, Truman offers you a world of unlimited opportunities to make connections in the campus community on a social level.

Dorm room

Student Housing

Living on campus makes it easy for you to feel connected. With fellow students living down the hall, you can always find a friend to join you for lunch.

Students in Residence Hall dining room

Campus Dining

With a food court, residence hall dining rooms, cafes, and convenience stores, our campus is built to keep you energized throughout your busy day.

SAB Event - Trampolines on the Quad

Clubs and Organizations

There are hundreds of ways to expand your world through clubs, intramural sports, esports, musical groups, professional and service organizations, student government, and more.

Softball players


You can cheer for the Bulldogs in the stands or compete for one of our varsity teams.

Students on campus

Health, Safety, and Wellness

College life can be exciting, but it can also be stressful and demanding. We're here to support your health and wellness. Our Student Health Center, University Counseling Services, and Public Safety Department are dedicated to keeping you safe, healthy, and comfortable throughout your time at Truman.

At Truman We Embrace Diverse Interests

"I love the community of students at Truman. I really found my place within the first week of school because everyone is so kind and welcoming."
Dan Borrelli

Class of '21