Tri-State Map

To help you plan your visit to Truman State University, here are some mileage estimates from cities in our tri-state area which includes Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois:

Tri-State MapMissouri

  • Columbia:  90 miles
  • Hannibal:  85 miles
  • Kansas City:  170 miles
  • St. Louis:  195 miles


  • Chicago:  380 miles
  • Peoria:  200 miles
  • Quincy:  75 miles


  • Davenport:  200 miles
  • Des Moines:  150 miles
  • Ottumwa:  60 miles

Maps & Directions

Kirksville Guide

Iciar Garcia-Gutierrez, Spain 2015

My favorite part of Kirksville without any doubt would be Thousand Hills. I’ve visited it during all the seasons, and I always get amazed by its beauty. We enjoyed nature, had picnics, played badminton and even walked on the frozen lake.

Iciar Garcia-Gutierrez, Spain