Why Truman?

TOP 10 Reasons Truman State University is a Smart Choice

1) Truman’s Bulldog Advantage

Truman’s quality academics, high graduation rates and excellent job placement give you the greatest lifetime return on your investment.

2) Free Undergraduate Application, Generous Scholarships & Stackable Financial Aid

There’s no application fee for your undergraduate admission application. Truman offers a generous scholarship program, and you can combine grants and scholarships up to the cost of attendance. Truman routinely provides awards to Pell-eligible Missouri residents up to the cost of tuition.

3) Recognized Results, In A Big Way

Truman’s reputation for exceptional academics has earned some serious praise. U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” guide has consistently named Truman as the #1 public school in the Midwest region.

4) A Place to Pursue Your Passions

If you have a thirst for learning that draws you to new ideas and a desire to make an impact on the world,  you can immerse yourself in a campus where people live and breathe their passions.

5) Real-World Experience

You will find countless endeavors that go beyond the expected to heighten every aspect of your educational experience so you’re ready to enter the working world or graduate/professional school.

6) Personal Learning Environment

Truman provides the type of learning environment where the intellectually curious thrive. Our small classes allow for meaningful interactions with your professors — talking, advising, mentoring, learning and teaching.

7) Caring Campus Culture

Overwhelmingly, our students tell us how their professors are helping them pursue their dreams and ambitions. Faculty will challenge you, invest in you and inspire you.

8) Surprising Connections

At Truman, you’re challenged to learn broadly, think deeply and ask thoughtful questions. Whether you’re a scientist with a creative side or an artist who’s curious about science, you’ll have countless opportunities to discover connections across a wide range of endeavors. You can tap into these connections to position yourself for a lifetime of success.

9) Life After Truman

We prepare you to thrive on your first day on the job and give you the tools you need to succeed throughout your entire career.

10) A Community of Friends, Mentors, Teachers and Fellow Learners

As you reach for the life you want to live and the difference you want to make in the world, you’ll find company for the pursuit. Truman is an intentional community working together, challenging each other, and caring for each other and the world.

Students enjoying sunny weatherWETRUMAN

“People at Truman, whether they be students, faculty, or staff, are always willing to help out, and you can tell that the students here want to help each other reach their goals.”
— Devon R.

“I loved the idea of a small campus and small class sizes where I could work 1:1 with professors. Truman provides many scholarships and financial aid opportunities and has an excellent academic rapport. Getting a quality education for a reasonable price was extremely important to me.”
— Madison M.

“I have always had a lot of interests and hobbies and through the Liberal Arts Program, Truman provided ways to get involved in all of those interests. The size was a large factor as well. I wanted a place where my professors would know me, and I have yet to have a professor that doesn’t know my name.”
— Elise H.

“Professors genuinely care about their students’ futures and have invested so much in me personally that many of my professional opportunities are due to them.”
— Josh W.

“Professors have so much knowledge and advice to offer you. They really help enhance the experience and can better prepare you for life after graduation.”
— Hannah D.

“You can count on the fact that your professors will know your name, say ‘hi’ to you on campus, ask about life, and go out of their way to help with everything from research to internships to studying abroad.”
— Rachel F.

At Truman, you’ll be among the best!

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