Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal means you are discontinuing all your course work and are no longer enrolled at Truman State University.

The Registrar’s Office handles all withdrawals from the University.

Students are responsible for initiating withdrawal procedures for any semester for which they are enrolled. If a student fails to withdraw from the University officially, the grades earned for all courses will be entered on their official transcript. Withdrawal requests must be made online. To withdraw from all classes online, access TruView and navigate to Student Tools and then the Registration Tool. Click on “Withdraw from all Courses for a Selected Semester” to complete the withdrawal process. International students must meet with the Center for International Students prior to withdrawing from all courses.

Students may withdraw from school until the last day of regular classes. If a student withdraws at any time between the date they first enroll for the semester and the end of the fourth week of classes, no record of enrollment will appear on the transcript. If a student withdraws between the end of the fourth week and the last day of regular classes, a grade of “W” will appear on the transcript by each of the courses in which the student was enrolled.

Enrollment Fee refunds will be made in accordance with guidelines stated in the General Catalog under “Return of Enrollment Fees,” on the Fees and Financial Aid page.

Students who are pre-enrolled for an upcoming semester must officially withdraw from the University prior to the first day of classes. Students who fail to do this will owe a percentage of the University fees, based on the date of withdrawal.

A student who withdraws from all courses during a semester may re-enroll for the following semester without submitting an application for readmission to the Admission Office.