Check-out of Your Room

Whether you’re changing rooms or checking out in the middle of the semester, you will need to prepare your room for a check-out.  In addition to packing up and removing your belongings, there are tasks you are responsible for to prepare your room for a check-out.  The guide below will help you understand your responsibilities for preparing your room for a check-out and avoid any unnecessary charges.

At the time of your check-out, Residence Life staff will review your Housing Condition Report on-file and compare the current condition of your room to what is documented from when you first moved in.  If there are any damages to the room since your move-in date, you may be charged for repair/ replacement of the damage. If you have any questions about costs associated with room/furniture damages, please contact your building’s Hall Director or email

Schedule your check-out

  • Schedule a check-out at least 24 hours in advance with the Student Staff in your community.
  • Be sure you are on time for your scheduled check out!  Missing or being late to your schedule check-out will result in a $50.00 Improper Check-out charge.
  • Residence Life Staff completing your check-out will inspect the room for damages and notate it on your Housing Condition Report on-file, as well as collect your room/ mail key.

Clean your room

  • As your room was fully cleaned when you moved in, you are expected to clean your living space before moving out.  While vacuums and mops may be available at the Hall Desk, you will need to provide your own cleaning supplies.
  • Make sure to wipe down all surfaces in the room.  This includes desktops, drawers, shelves, mirrors, window ledges, closet shelves, etc.
  • Vacuum and/ or mop the floor.
  • Remove all trash from the room.
  • Remove all your personal belongings.  Residence Life staff will not be able to complete your check-out if your belongings are still in the room.


  • If you have rented a microfridge unit, make sure to clean and empty the unit.  If you are moving to another room, Residence Life staff will move the unit to your new room.  If your microfridge has not been moved within two days of moving into your new room, please contact our office at

Room Configuration

  • The  furniture from your side of the room will need to be set up as it was when you moved in.  Please check with the Hall Desk to obtain any nuts, bolts, pins, or wrenches you may need to loft your bed.