Fellowships: Helpful Links

Fellowships: Other Resources and Information

Here are some links to websites that have information about more fellowship opportunities:




General Information and Advice

There are also a number of schools and other institutions that have much larger databases of potential funds. You will not have to go through the Graduate Office for many of these, but you may wish to contact us for help. Good luck with your search and applications.

You will also find it helpful to use Truman’s Writing Center and online resources for writing grant proposals and filling out applications in the best possible way. Things you may want to remember are to be clear and honest in your writing. You may want to research the history of the foundation. This will allow you to better specialize your responses and application for the specific things the foundation is looking for. The most important thing, however, is that all of your materials are in on time. These are national and international scholarship opportunities, and we have no control over the deadlines. If you miss them, there is nothing we can do and you will have to try applying in future years. Good luck.