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FAQ: Master of Arts in Education

Truman’s Education Program does not offer a Bachelor’s degree in education. Currently, we only offer a Master of Arts in Education (MAE).

This means students must earn an undergraduate degree in a discipline, which grounds them firmly in knowledge of their content area, and apply for graduate studies to earn the MAE.

This enables a greater understanding not only in their content area but also builds the skills to teach that content area and gain greater experience working with kids at their targeted grade level.

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Lots of reasons!

  1. Districts, schools, and parents want knowledgeable, skilled teachers in their schools. Earning a bachelor’s degree in your discipline and then a master’s degree that provides you with the skills to teach that content area make Truman MAE graduates imminently knowledgeable and skilled.
  2. Participating in several levels of field experience gives Truman MAE grades more opportunity to work with students in the content and grade level they want to teach.  It also contributes to better longevity in the profession as our graduates are sure by the time of graduation that they have chosen the right profession.
  3. Truman MAE graduates enter the workforce with a more competitive degree. Most districts want evidence of knowledgeable, skilled teachers.  The MAE certifies that our graduates have a solid foundation in their discipline and are decisively capable in leading classes.  Additionally, educators with advanced degrees tend to be paid more than those with just an undergraduate degree.

There are many more advantages, but this listing is typically why students choose to pursue Truman’s MAE degree and certification.

Yes. Internship experiences are available through approved Missouri school districts, as well as a few approved districts in Kansas, Illinois and Iowa, as well as through the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) overseas.
Yes. Once candidates complete the MAE and receive their certification from the state of Missouri, they can work with the certification officer to begin the process of certification in another state.
This varies depending on you and the specialization area you choose to pursue. Most students complete the MAE in as little as one year.

Education advisors and the certification officer will work with individual students to plan their degree to best fit the requirements for certification and graduation. 

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