Musical Theatre Minor Auditions

Truman Music and Theatre Departments are holding auditions for the new Musical Theatre Minor.

Sunday, October 3, 2021
1:00 p.m.
Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall

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The new Musical Theatre minor capitalizes on the strengths of three separate Truman State University departments in the areas of music, theatre, and dance to create a transformative experience in the area of musical theatre. Whether your primary major is in theatre, vocal performance, exercise science, or another area, you can pursue a Musical Theatre minor to extend your degree and take classes that align with your interests.

You can find out more about the Musical Theatre Minor at

Other Details:

  • Professor David Charles Goyette (Theatre), Dr. Jackie Collett (Music) and Professor Melody Jennings (Dance) will be viewing the auditions on Sunday.  Dr. Taylor Hutchinson will be accompanying those auditioning.
  • Please sign up for BOTH a rehearsal slot with the accompanist (Oct. 1) and an audition slot (Oct. 3).
  • Prepare a 32 bar (2 minutes max) broadway musical theatre song and a 1 minute contemporary monologue.
  • Sheet music should be in a binder, hole-punched, and double-sided if the excerpt is longer than two pages — just like reading a book.  Cuts should be clearly marked and all photocopies should show everything from the page. Double check that the bottom of the piano part doesn’t get cut off.
  • Dr. Hutchinson (Pianist) also plays from their iPad.  If you prefer to email digital copies in advance that would work as well.  Feel free to email Dr. Hutchinson at