Truman’s Military Science Department offers programs that allow students to enhance their degrees with top leadership training and hands-on experience.

Academic Programs

Military science cadet with a 240-B Machine Gun

Military Science Minor

Open to all majors, the military science minor helps students develop strong leadership skills that can be applied to any career path.

Photo: A cadet operates a 240-B Machine Gun during a Superlab training event with the Bulldog Battalion

CDTs outside Barnett Hall

Army ROTC at Truman

All Truman students can participate in Army ROTC, a leadership program that builds confidence and resiliency in preparation for future careers, both civilian and military. It can also help pay for college.

PHOTO: CDTs get together for a picture during their lunch break at a Superlab outside Barnett Hall

  • Open to all freshmen students of good moral character.
  • The freshmen- and sophomore-level courses do not obligate the student to the ROTC or military service.

Course Descriptions

  • Available for students who have completed their freshman/sophomore year of college.
  • Most students eligible for this program attend a four-week Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) prior to entering the MS 300 level course. This course provides placement credits for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 military science courses and 7 credits toward graduation.

Course Descriptions

  • Students pursuing a nursing major at Truman may participate in either the four-year or two-year Army Nursing Program.
  • All nursing students may participate in the Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) during the summer between their junior and senior year. The NSTP is a clinically focused practicum designed to provide nursing students valuable clinical experience and further refine leadership, clinical and administrative nursing skills alongside an Army Nurse Corps officer.
  • All nursing students who complete either the two- or four-year Army Nursing Program receive a commission as an officer in the Army Nurse Corps.

Army Nursing Program

  • Students who are members of the U.S. Army Reserve or National Guard may receive placement credit for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 and enrollment in the MS 300-level courses provided they meet all other conditions for enrollment.
  • SMP students remain with their Reserve or Guard unit and receive Sergeant’s pay of $279 per month, plus the Montgomery GI Bill® benefit of $333 per month, Montgomery GI Bill Kicker of $350 per month and up to 100% tuition assistance while simultaneously participating as an ROTC cadet at Truman and receiving an additional $350 per month ROTC subsistence allowance.
  • Two- and four-year non-ROTC scholarship students may also participate in the SMP once enrolled in MS 300 and are accepted for enlistment in the Army Reserve or National Guard.
    Course Descriptions

Military veterans may be allowed placement credit for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 and enrollment in the MS 300-level courses, provided they meet all other conditions for enrollment in the ROTC Program.

VA Education Information  Veterans Credit Transfer Policy

Graduates of Junior ROTC programs in high school, junior college, or military schools may be given placement credit for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 and can be enrolled in the MS 300-level courses, provided they meet all other conditions for enrollment in the ROTC program.

Course Descriptions

Student Opportunities

Cadet receiving a scholarship check presented by a Military Science professor


Financial assistance for military science students can range from merit-based ROTC scholarships to credit for attending Cadet Initial Entry Training.

Photo: A cadet receiving a 3-year scholarship from a Professor of Military Science

Spike the Bulldog holding onto a rope on the Rappel Tower


Military science students have access to a 45-foot rappel tower, a state-certified weapons firing range, 12 problem-solving/team-building obstacles, and multiple Land Navigation Courses.

Truman also has access to a small prior military base from the World War II-era with multiple buildings where we practice tactical leadership and team building.

Photo: Spike the Bulldog showing off his rappelling skills at our 45-foot rappel tower

Cadets at the Homecoming 5K Run


The Military Science Department hosts events including commissioning ceremonies, the annual Military Ball, and an indoor smokeless range, as well as participation in campus events such as the Homecoming 5K Run.

Photo: A group of cadets represented the Bulldog Battalion with their participation in the annual Homecoming 5K Run

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