Meet our Students

The Truman experience encourages students to cultivate a broad range of talents and interests. The welcoming, close-knit community creates an environment in which intelligent, ambitious, multidimensional students can thrive as never before.

Erica: Discovering Opportunities Halfway Across the Country
Zachary: Helping Those with Disabilities
Alexandra: Opportunities at a Smaller School for a History Major
Katie: Study Abroad in Finland
Maggie: Finding a Niche in the Art World
Maya's study abroad experience in Spain
Maya: The Power of Study Abroad
Syrus: The Relevance of History in Day-to-Day Life
Lauren: The Making of a Teacher
Lauren: The Making of a Teacher
Sadie Williams
Sadie: Jump-Start a Career
Brittany Temple, medical trip to Belize
Brittany: Assisting Doctors in Belize
Flottman brothers
Cole & Mitchell: Two Brothers Make Theatre a Family Affair
Bethany: Enhancing Academic Understanding Through Study Abroad
Bethany: Enhancing Academic Understanding through Study Abroad
Allison Kelly
Allison: Exploring Academic Opportunities
Mackenzie: Gaining Real-World Experience through Study-Abroad in Mexico
Mackenzie: Real-World Experience in Mexico
Thomas: Pre-Med Student Finds Unique Opportunities
Thomas: Unique Opportunities for Pre-med Studies
Molly - Study Abroad - Semester at Sea
Molly: A Semester At Sea
Chynna Byrd
Chynna: When Genuine Interest, Determination, And Opportunity Intersect
Josie Foley
Josie: Conducting Trailblazing Research
Jennifer Marks
Jennifer Marks: Research Project Digitizing WWII-era Letters
Patrick: Marine Biology Learning Experience in Belize
Patrick: Studying Marine Biology in Belize
Derek Benjamin
Derek: Taking Language Skills to the Next Level
Lexi: Working with a Professor on Research
Jabari: Using Internships to Find the Perfect Career
Sara Hahn working in the Speech and Hearing Clinic at Truman State University
Sara: Improving the Lives of Others as a Speech-Language Pathologist
Conor Gearin, Biology Major
Conor: Internship Connects Science and Writing
Joanne Heggemann - Theatre Major
Joanne: Life as a Theatre Major
Eli Riekeberg
Eli: Chemistry Major Prepares for Grad School

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