Hear from Our Students

Want to learn more about the Education Program at Truman? Hear from students who plan to pursue a Master of Arts in Education.

I love the size of Truman. It is small enough that you see people you know everywhere you go, but it is big enough that there are always new people to meet.
—Makenna F., Psychology Major/Disability Studies Minor
Anticipated Certification: K-12 Special Education and Elementary

I chose to come to Truman to pursue my degree in education because I love the fact that I will leave with a Bachelor’s degree in the field I wanted as well as the Master of Arts in Education – Elementary. I’m confident that this is going to prepare me for my future career and I am so thankful Truman offers such a wonderful program.
Sarah C., Business Administration Major – Management Concentration
Anticipated Certification:  Elementary

The Education Department at Truman is committed to its students.  My professors not only know my name, but also know me personally. They are always there to help guide me on my journey to becoming an educator.
—Alicia K., Psychology Major/Spanish Minor
Anticipated Certification:  Elementary

My favorite part about the Education Department at Truman is that it has inspired me to do more than teach. My education classes at Truman have taught me to value diversity, participate in my community, and constantly seek out new opportunities for learning and growth.
Shannon S., English Major
Anticipated Certification: Elementary

The hands-on approach to teaching is one of the best aspects in the Education Department at Truman. Thanks to my education classes, I got the opportunity to know the rewarding feeling of teaching and working with students.
—Sujash P., English Major
Anticipated Certification:  Secondary English

The approach to education at Truman focuses on teaching and learning as a reflective process rather than just an outcome. This shaped the approach I’ve taken to my own learning and how I want to approach my career as a science educator.
—Lauren D., Biology Major/Psychology Minor
Anticipated Certification:  Secondary Biology

Unlike some larger universities, Truman truly is a university with a community focus. At Truman, the faculty, staff, administrators, and students all work together to create a valuable learning experience. As a smaller university, I have been given leadership opportunities at Truman and in the surrounding Kirksville area that I may not have had otherwise.
Joe M., Mathematics and Physics Double Major/Astronomy Minor
Anticipated Certification:  Secondary Mathematics and Physics

Truman is really the land of opportunity. If there is a project or idea that you want to pursue, all you have to do is reach out to students and faculty and the idea can become reality. I was able to collaborate on a variety of ventures from research projects, to starting new organizations, to finding internships, and even planned some travel experiences. Your imagination is the limit here!
Brian J., Music and German Dual Major
Anticipated Certification:  Music and German

I went to a high school full of several great teachers who graduated from Truman. I knew I wanted to teach, so it made sense to go to a school that I knew produced true educators. Coming to Truman, I understand why these teachers were successful. Truman offers so many opportunities through both the school and the community that offer practical and valuable experiences with students inside and outside of the classroom. These experiences, along with the education courses that provide a framework for teaching, make me confident that Truman has well prepared me for my own career in education.
Leah D., History Major
Anticipated Certification:  Secondary History