With a degree in modern language, you develop a competent command of the language along with familiarity with the culture, literature, and history of the language. This allows you to engage in immersive learning experiences while gaining communication skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing another language. The modern language major offers three areas of specialization:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

You can choose to focus on one language or multiple languages. You can also combine the modern language major with other majors.

Careers and Internships


Internship opportunities range from English-speaking teaching assistants in Italy to the Truman in Washington Program. A modern language major prepares you to thrive in various professional paths: international business, hospitality, journalism, healthcare, government work, international relations, translation, linguistics, education, law, political science, and more.

Teacher with students in classroom

Want to Teach?

You can prepare to teach a foreign language through Truman’s Master of Arts in Education degree in French, Latin or Spanish with an option to add ESOL (English for Second Language Learners) certification.

Hands-on Language Learning

Opportunities to enhance your language skills include:

  • Living in the Romance Language House, a semi-immersion living-learning community
  • Weekly conversation tables in all languages
  • Service learning opportunities with native speakers in the community, in the schools, and Taiwan Connect with schools in Taiwan
  • Immersion weekends in different languages

Study Abroad

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