Retention/Progression Requirements for Master of Athletic Training

  1. Must be in “Good Standing” with the MAT program, Graduate Studies, and Truman State University.
  2. Must meet all MAT clinical requirements.
  3. Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  4. Must not earn two or more “C” grades (final grade of the course) in any course throughout the duration of the program.*
  5. Must take required courses in sequence.
  6. Must demonstrate the ability to continue to meet the Truman Technical Standards.
  7. Maintain current ECC credentials.
  8. Maintain NATA membership.

* Failure to meet the above retention standards may result in probation, suspension, or termination of the student from the Athletic Training program. Probation, suspension, or termination can occur at any point in the semester. If an athletic training student earns less than a ‘C’ in any major required course, the student will be suspended for one academic year until the course is offered again. Two or more “C” earned grades during the duration of the MAT program will result in dismissal from the MAT program and University