Conduct Hearing Board Student Member Application Process

Philosophy and Purpose

The Conduct Hearing Board participates in citizenship programming in order to benefit the local community. The Board also hears cases of alleged misconduct to determine whether a student or student organization’s behavior violates the
Student Conduct Code, and if a violation is found, the imposition of sanctions. Members include faculty, staff, and students. Another purpose of the Board is to serve as an advisory committee to support programming and other issues that
arise that affect the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.

Qualifications to Serve on University Conduct Board

  • Members will be in good academic and conduct standing.
  • Members will commit to serving on the University Conduct Board for two years (January 1, 2021-December 31, 2022).
  • Members will commit to participating in approximately one-third of the conduct hearings and administrative hearings as scheduling permits.
  • Members will commit to co-facilitating at least one Deferred Resolution Class each semester.
  • Members will commit to being actively involved on at least a bi-weekly basis (weekly during certain periods of the semester) in activities such as training, planning meetings, participating in an OCCS educational outreach activity (doing a presentation, staffing an information table, etc.) and assisting with the evaluation of sanctions.
  • Members will demonstrate a strong sense of social justice and an interest in serving the Truman and surrounding community.

Expectations for University Conduct Board Members

  • Members will adhere to all provisions in the Student Conduct Code, Residence Life policies, and University policies.
  • Members will serve as leaders and role models for students and student organizations in the University community.
  • Members will serve as advocates for the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards and educators of the University community with regard to the Student Conduct Code and the University conduct process.
  • Members will uphold the confidentiality of the information/identity of individuals involved in conduct complaints.
  • Members will attend all training sessions unless excused by the Director of OCCS.
  • Members will attend all scheduled hearings and participate according to their training unless excused by the Director of OCCS.
  • Members will participate in regular planning meetings with the OCCS intern and the Director of the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.
  • Members will participate in educational outreach activities of the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards on a regular basis. Activities will likely include staffing tables, preparing and making presentations to members of the University community, and developing materials for publication and distribution by OCCS. Topics will likely include: Academic Integrity, Alcohol policies and laws, Community Values, Student Conduct Code, and citizenship responsibilities (civility, voter registration, poll worker recruitment). Presentations are typically given to a class, student organization, or residence hall house.
  • Members will plan events for the campus community regarding topics pertinent to the campus environment focusing on citizenship and community standards.
  • Members will check their email every day and will respond in a timely manner to emails from the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.
  • Members will arrive on time to all meetings, hearings, trainings, etc. and requests to be absent will be made to the Director of OCCS as timely as possible.
  • The Board will serve as an advisory board for the Director of the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.

The Application

If you are interested in serving as a Conduct Hearing Board student member, you will need to complete our online application.

As part of the application, you will need to upload two documents:

  1. Personal Statement (250-500 words) that explains your motivation for applying to serve on the Conduct Hearing Board and includes a definition of what citizenship means to you. What do you hope to gain personally, academically and professionally from this position?
  2. Your Resume
Apply now