Financial Aid Information

Important Financial Aid Information for Students to Know When Taking a Leave of Absence

Truman’s Leave of Absence is not a Title IV Leave of Absence and the regular Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy still applies. The leave of absence is not intended as a method of clearing up poor academic performance.

Students should review University academic scholarship renewal information. If a leave of absence is approved for a term in which a student has received academic scholarships, the renewal eligibility will be evaluated on the hours completed.  The shortage of hours created by the withdrawal will be forgiven.  Example:  An academic scholarship is received (disbursed) fall and spring but the student receives an approval to leave for spring for a medical emergency.  When grades are posted in May the student has passed a total of 12 hours and has a Truman cumulative GPA of 3.25 – full scholarship renewal would be approved for the following year.  One additional semester would be allowed, if necessary, to complete the undergraduate degree requirements. The student must contact Financial Aid upon their return to have their account reviewed for eligibility.

Missouri Bright Flight Scholarship recipients needing to take a leave should read the Missouri Bright Flight information to determine whether an appeal to the Missouri Department of Higher Education is necessary for continued eligibility.

Any time a student drops below half-time status and has had a Federal Stafford Loan (either Direct or FFELP) at Truman, the Financial Aid Office is required to provide exit counseling information.

Students who withdraw and have an outstanding Perkins Loan from Truman should expect to receive written information from Student Accounts the following month after the withdrawal.  Students who complete a term but are not pre-enrolled for the next term will receive information before that next term.

Outstanding Truman State University Foundation Short-Term Loans need to be repaid by the established due date.  The terms of any other outstanding University loans still apply.  Communicate with Student Accounts if you have questions.

Be aware of the University’s refund policy and the return of federal financial aid.  Final numbers cannot be given until charges are adjusted and the Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation, if applicable, has been completed.

Student employment with institutional payroll, and Federal Work Study should stop immediately if/when enrollment goes below half-time.  If the on-campus department is still willing to pay under institutional payroll (required to pay FICA taxes) then they should contact the Payroll Office.

Questions about continued eligibility for Truman Athletic awards, departmental awards, and private scholarships or resources should be directed to the person/department/organization that made the original award.

The Truman State University Financial Aid Office should be contacted at or 660-785-4130 if this did not answer your financial aid questions or if additional information/clarification is needed.