Pre-Vet Studies: Biology or Agricultural Science Major

Most pre-vet students are either biology or agricultural science majors and one of the most common questions we get is which one do you choose, or is one better than the other? The answer is no, one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

You have to take into account what you would want to do should you not get into a veterinary school, and then pick a major that could help you out. Below, are students’ thoughts on why they picked the major that they did.

Biology Major:  Erin Pauli

“The reason that I chose to be a Biology major is because I wanted to get my undergraduate degree in something that I could use if I do not get into vet school.  I have always loved the biological sciences, ever since my first biology class in high school.  I also know that I want to work with small animals, and so I was not as worried about having as much knowledge of large animals as agricultural science majors do.  Also, as a Biology major I am taking all the biology classes, plus I have been able to take a lot of the pre-vet agricultural sciences classes.  I can see why people become agricultural science majors, however, because they do get a lot more hands-on experience with animals than Biology majors do. I would recommend that you choose whichever major you are most interested in, because it is not a guarantee that you will get into vet school and if you don’t, then you want to make sure that you have a backup plan.”

Biology Major: Laura Raiff
“I decided to go to Truman because of its academic reputation and price.  Vet school is expensive enough without having to pay for a pricey undergrad school.  Now that I am here, I feel that I made the right choice as I really enjoy the environment and my classes.  As for choosing my major, I decided on biology for a few reasons.  First of all, I am from the suburbs and am more familiar with small animals so studying in a more general field rather than just farm animals seemed more comfortable for me.  Also, should I not be able to get into veterinary school, I plan to be a researcher so getting this major will save me time.  Biology has also been a good choice for me because so many of the veterinary college requirements deal with biology.  Declaring a major here makes it easier for me to achieve a degree, take all of the required courses, as well as giving me time for a minor.  These are why I made my choices, best of luck with yours!”

Agricultural Science Major: Jessika Jamski
“Upon first coming to Truman I was a biology major, however during my second semester here I changed to an agricultural science major. I made this change because I decided that I wanted to mainly focus on large animal practice, and coming from a suburban area, I lacked experience with them, which is a problem. Being an agricultural science major allows for classes that focus on large animals specifically, and you get to actually work with the cattle, horses, and sheep out at the farm. For me this experience was great, and the agricultural faculty members are great. The only problem I had was fitting in all the extra classes needed for vet school, most of which are also required for a biology degree.”