Art Minors

Art History Minor

With a minor in art history, you will learn about the monuments and principal artists of major art periods of the past, gaining a broad understanding of the art of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Art History focuses not only on the material aspects of cultural expression, but also how art reflects other aspects of society, including history, politics, religion, science, and technology. You’ll gain experience looking at art and thinking about the broader issues of the interaction between art and society, and the intersection of economics, religion, and science with visual expression and the built environment.

The art history minor pairs well with any major.

Art Studio Minor

If you want to improve your practical art skills while at Truman while majoring in another field, consider adding the art studio minor to your course of study.

After taking Observational Drawing and Figure Drawing, you’ll be able to pursue your own selection of courses from our studio classes like ceramics, fibers, painting, photography, and sculpture to choose an emphasis for your minor. Faculty will continuously evaluate your portfolio for proficiency as you progress into the upper-level studio courses.

Design Minor

If you want to develop above average skills in digital literacy, creating graphics, design layout and content/project management while at Truman, consider adding the design minor to your course of study.

After taking Observational Drawing, Design Software and Process, Typography, and Graphic Design I,  you can select from several upper-level design course options to complete the minor requirements.

See the Art Major & Minor FAQ for more info about the art program.

3D Design Student Work3D Design Student Work

October 25, 2020

Professor Matt Derezinski’s 3D Foundations class showed off recent work in Ophelia Parrish. The assignment was to transform a book into 3D sculpture that had to relate back to the book. This project was completed in three weeks.

Congratulations to Design Student Kayla Decker!Congratulations to Design Student Kayla Decker!

October 20, 2020

Congratulations to Kayla Decker, who has won Honorable Mention in the Center for Architecture and Design of Kansas City’s “Raise Your Voice” poster competition.  She was selected as one of the best entries and the top student entry. Kayla is studying for her BFA in Design at Truman.

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