Investment Policy

Truman State University Foundation
Investment Policy

Donors who create endowed funds are investing in the future excellence of Truman State University. Endowed funds are managed in the University’s permanent endowment portfolio.

The Truman State University Foundation has established an investment and spending policy that provides income for the Fund in perpetuity, while protecting and growing the principal. A portion of the earnings (minus management fees) are awarded for the fund’s designated annual purpose; remaining earnings are reinvested to ensure long-term growth of the principal. Annual awards are based on 4.5 percent of the rolling three-year average of the fund’s account balance.

The overall philosophy, recommended selection and retention of investment managers, monitoring and evaluation of performance, and policies for the distribution of investment earnings and spending are the responsibility of the Investment Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Truman’s assets are managed by the wealth and asset management firm of Commerce Trust Company, a leading regional provider of private client and institutional wealth management services.

Current target fund asset allocation ranges are shown below:

Chart of the Foundation's Investing Policy