Guidelines for Public Comment at Board Meetings

These guidelines are intended to provide a structured format whereby individuals can make comments about items of public interest at open meetings of the Board of Governors.

  1. Individuals wishing to address the Board should request permission to do so at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
  2. Permission should be requested by filling out a request form. Return completed forms electronically via email to or in person at the President’s Office, 200 McClain Hall.
  3. If the proposed comments request action or consideration by faculty, staff, or administrators, the individual will be referred to the person or group best positioned to address the issue. The individual will not be placed on the Board’s agenda until he or she has discussed the matter with the appropriate person or group.
  4. Public comments will be limited to three minutes per speaker.
  5. The University reserves the right to prohibit public comments regarding matters that may be closed to the public under Missouri’s open records laws. For instance, matters that are personal in nature or relate to individual students or employees will not be heard publicly.
  6. The University may also prohibit public comments that are abusive or redundant.
  7. Information presented during public comments will not be discussed by the Board. Occasionally, for reasons of expediency, the Board Chair may respond or answer a question raised; but as a rule, there will be no action or discussion of public comment items. Generally, the Board Chair will respond to public comments by saying, “Thank you for your comments.”