What students say about Truman State University

“Truman is renowned for the high quality it gives to students at such an affordable cost. Combined with the great activities and opportunities it offers, Truman was a complete package.”
—Jackson Elder, Class of 2022

“The professors take what we are learning in class and apply it to other disciplines and the real world extremely well. That is one of the reasons why our liberal arts program at Truman is so successful. It helps me to have a more well-rounded and informed view of a topic.”
—Grace Cochran, Class of 2022

“The rigorous research requirements for an undergraduate program have pushed me beyond what I expected of myself. I want to pursue a career in policy, and this requirement has more than prepared me for graduate school in this domain.”
—Blake Savidge, Class of 2022

“I like that the people in Kirksville are very welcoming to Truman students and that there is a lot of working together. I know a lot of organizations do service projects with the community, and it just makes for a very inclusive environment.”
McKayla Bogda—Class of 2022

“With its wide variety of clubs, it is always possible for students to find experience in their future careers.”
—Abby Rabenold, Class of 2022

“Our liberal studies program is geared to shape well-rounded individuals. By taking a variety of classes through Truman, we will not just be experts in our specific major, we will have a lot of knowledge in many areas of study.”
—Maya Pritchard, Class of 2022

“My favorite spot on campus is in the Library on the second floor next to the windows. I can grab a coffee and work on homework in between classes while enjoying the great view!”
—Abigail Hankins, Class of 2022

“Professors at Truman genuinely care about their students, and they make great connections for networking and finding other resources outside of Truman. My professors ultimately have shown me that they are invested in who I am outside of their class by attending my volleyball games and supporting me athletically.”
—Elise Hardesty, Class of 2021