What students say about Truman State University

“I like the professor-to-student ratio because I have been able to build connections with professors each semester. They genuinely care about not only your success in their classes but also your overall well-being as a student. Another thing I enjoy about Truman is the liveliness of campus. There are always events going on around campus, which adds to the overall atmosphere of feeling at home.”
—Sarah Steensma, Class of 2021

“The professors take what we are learning in class and apply it to other disciplines and the real world extremely well. That is one of the reasons why our liberal arts program at Truman is so successful. It helps me to have a more well-rounded and informed view of a topic.”
—Grace Cochran, Class of 2022

“For my work-study job, I worked in a laboratory at A.T. Still University (College of Medicine) where I worked with one of the assistant professors in his research lab studying cystic fibrosis. It was such an incredible opportunity! I worked with state-of-the-art equipment, graduate and medical students, and was able to receive financial aid for it. I learned so much while working on his team as a freshman, and it got me ahead in my lab experiences for my classes.”
—Madison Martin-Giacalone, Class of 2020

“Truman has prepared me for so much more than just being a nurse. From communicating better to being able to speak in front of a large class, my confidence skills improved from the liberal arts studies and now I can take that an apply it to my nursing career to help me better succeed in my field of practice.”
—Rob Danner, Class of 2020

“Professors at Truman genuinely care about their students, and they make great connections for networking and finding other resources outside of Truman. My professors ultimately have shown me that they are invested in who I am outside of their class by attending my volleyball games and supporting me athletically.”
—Elise Hardesty, Class of 2021

“With its wide variety of clubs, it is always possible for students to find experience in their future careers.”
—Abby Rabenold, Class of 2022

“My study abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain, not only prepared me for the business world by learning Spanish but by learning how to adapt to new cultural customs and interact with diverse groups of people as well.”
—Patrick May, Class of 2021

“My favorite spot on campus is the path in between the McKinney Center and the Kirk Memorial Building. I love the bricks and the way the trees cover everything around you. It feels so different from the rest of campus, and I always go out of my way to take that path while I’m walking to class.”
—Dan Borrelli, Class of 2021