Our Students

The Typical Truman Student

Our curious, passionate students are actively involved in everything they pursue—academically, socially, personally—and form a community of learners where everyone inspires each other to excel.

Active and Involved

They participate in nearly 240 student organizations —71 percent of them in two or more—volunteer in the local Kirksville community, work one-on-one beside their professors and mentors to develop new and innovative research and form lifelong connections in campus Greek life and other students groups.

Learning, Leading and Succeeding

Our students want to make a difference in the world and embrace the opportunities they find at Truman to develop their communication and leadership skills. Nearly half choose to continue their education in graduate school, where they will further pursue what drives them.

At Truman, our typical students are anything but ordinary.

Meet Some of Our Students

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Deanna Schmidt 6

I initially chose to come to Truman because I was impressed with the numbers that compared well with other universities: average test scores, retention rates, job placements, rankings, degree programs, etc. I knew these statistics would provide me with a solid foundation of a well-rounded college education, and I was confident in my college choice. After arriving at Truman my freshman year, though, I realized that Truman has so much more to offer beyond our impressive statistics. We have a student body filled with individuals who inspire and motivate their peers, and a campus community that fosters life-long learning.

Deanna S., History Pre-MAE