Our Students

Intellectually Curious, Creative, Clever

Truman students actively seek ways to improve, expand and evolve.

A thirst for learning draws them to the spirit of discovery and progress. Through purposeful actions, they blaze a path forward. They participate in student clubs and organizations, join club sports teams, volunteer in the local community, and broaden their experience through internships, research, and study abroad.

Bob sledding during study abroad trip in Finland

Katie Swenson

When she was a freshman, studying abroad wasn’t something Katie thought she was capable of doing. However, she discovered it wasn’t as scary as she had thought. While studying in Finland, she collected some amazing memories.
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Eric Norfleet

A talented student from Kansas City, Eric describes Kirksville as the best surprise in Missouri. “Kirksville is a town full of open-minded, forward-thinking people where there is always something to do.”
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Maggie Adams

A future art educator, Maggie is attracted to fibers and ceramics because as a discipline they start as purely functional objects. “There’s no practical reason for people to add decoration to the surface of a pot or intricately sew patterns into cloth, and yet we do.”
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