Transfer Requirements

We can help you build your future as you continue your education at Truman. From evaluating transfer credits to mapping out clear steps to graduation, we want to make your transition to Truman as easy as possible. Our Admissions Counselor for Transfer Programs will be your main campus contact. From your first visit to campus to the Transfer Student Orientation, the Admission Counselor for Transfer Programs can answer any questions and offer advice. You will also have the assistance of a professional Academic Advisor. From choosing the best courses to enroll in at your current institution through your first semester at Truman, their support and expertise will help you transfer successfully.

Unofficial Credit Evaluation

We are happy to provide a complimentary unofficial evaluation of your credits before you even apply to Truman. Complete our Unofficial Credit Evalution Form, and we will give you an estimate on your current degree progress so you can know if Truman is the right next step for your goals even before you apply.

Application & Scholarship

As soon as the Office of Admission receives your college transcripts, they will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for credit equivalency review. This process can take approximately 2-3 weeks. Transfer students seeking admission to Truman can apply through our Transfer Application or the Transfer Common Application.

Your admission decision is based on the following information if you have completed 13 college credit hours or more after high school:

  • Official college transcripts showing all credits completed after high-school
  • Essay (optional)
  • Resume/Activities List (optional)

Your admission decision is based on the following information if you have less than 12 college credit hours completed after high school:

  • High school transcripts (if under 12 hours of transferable credit post high school)
  • ACT and/or SAT scores (if under 12 hours of transferable credit post-high school)
  • Essay (optional)
  • Resume/Activities List (optional)

The Office of Admission reserves the right to request additional information if it will assist us in making a better admissions decision for applicants.

Applicants should request transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions. Electronic copies should be sent to to provide the fastest decision on your application.

To make your application process as easy as possible, when your application materials are reviewed for admission, your scholarship decision will also be made. Transfer students are eligible for both automatic and competitive scholarships. The sooner that you submit your application, the sooner the scholarship decisions will be made.

The latest a student will be reviewed for admission is a week before classes start for your entry term.


Following admission to the University, the Registrar’s Office will review your official transcripts for your official credit evaluation. This process can take 2-3 weeks depending on your previous institution and if academic departments need to determine equivalencies. Our current Course Equivalency Guide is available online for your reference. An official credit evaluation is required before your academic advisor reviews your enrollment questionnaire.

During the semester before you begin classes at Truman, you will be asked to complete an enrollment questionnaire. This will provide essential information to your Academic Advisors in the Center for Academic Excellence. These advisors will create personalized enrollment recommendations for your first semester at Truman. Complete the enrollment questionnaire as soon as you receive instructions to do so for the quickest access to enrolling in courses.

As soon as your course recommendations are finalized, you can enroll in courses.


To help you get acquainted with the Truman community, we encourage all new transfer students to participate in our Transfer Student Orientation. During Orientation, you will be provided with detailed information about your credit evaluation. Plus, Orientation provides you with the opportunity to meet other incoming students so you can start building a network of friends.

Submitting Midterm Grades

Why would I need to submit midterm grades? Admission decisions can be difficult to make with limited information. If you apply with less than 12 credit hours but will have more credits when your current courses are complete, we may ask for midterm grades. There may also be times when the grades on your transcript are not the best reflection of your preparation for Truman. We may request your midterm grades to see how you are currently doing with your current course work.

Midterm Grades Submission Form