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All work created and posted on the site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without explicit written permission from the Public Relations Department. The information presented on our site comes from a variety of sources, including not only official Truman departments, but also unofficial sources and individuals. Such works include, but are not limited to, textual materials, graphics, and photographic images. These pages may also contain material in which the copyright is held by the creator or someone to whom he/she has assigned the copyright. Use of these materials is limited to personal study, teaching, and research. They may not be reproduced in multiple copies or for further distribution without the permission of the owner.

Further, be aware that each department and individuals with web pages on Truman servers are responsible for the content on their pages/sites. Webmasters of both departmental and personal websites must abide by the Acceptable Computer Use Policy and should follow the best practices set forth in the Guidelines for Web Development. Personal web pages are unique in that, as stated in the latter policy, “Truman State University allows server space on a separate server/s for personal web pages as a service to the University community. Personal pages are not part of the University’s official web pages. Each web creator bears sole responsibility for the content and maintenance of his or her personal web files. The University does not endorse the contents of these pages nor can it accept any responsibility for the information contained therein.”

Copyright Compliance of the Truman Community

Members of the Truman State University community are expected to comply with the copyright laws of the United States. These copyright laws apply to copyright-protected materials regardless of whether they are reproduced in digital, electronic, print, or other form.

The University has designated an agent to receive all complaints and questions regarding copyright matters, including allegations of copyright infringement occurring on Truman’s web sites.

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