Information for Current Students

Approval to Transfer Courses

Degree-seeking students who have matriculated at Truman and who wish to transfer courses from another accredited institution are strongly encouraged to complete a Pre-Approval Transfer Credit Form.  The Pre-Approval of Transfer Credit form should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for approval prior to enrolling in courses at another institution. Students will receive a copy of their form in approximately two weeks, although additional time may be required during peak periods (March-April) or if all information is not included on the form.

Students who need to request a waiver of the University’s 28 hour residency requirement, which stipulates that a student’s last 28 hours must be completed in residence at Truman, may do so on this same form.

Sending Transcripts

Truman students who enroll at any other institution must have official transcripts sent from that institution directly to the Truman State University Registrar’s Office as soon as the course is complete. Intentional nondisclosure of transfer credit by any student immediately after completion of a course(s) may result in dismissal from Truman State University.