Summer School Aid and Application

If you need funds for summer school, you must complete an Application for Summer Financial Aid (available after Midterm Break). If you are requesting a Stafford Loan for summer, you need to complete the Summer Direct Loan Application in addition to the Application for Summer Aid form.  Results of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be on file for the prior year and the coming year.

The Financial Aid Office will not assume summer school attendance just because it was indicated as intended enrollment on the FAFSA. Many students either mark all terms on the FAFSA or change their minds about taking summer classes.

Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy before accepting summer aid.

The Application for Summer Financial Aid can be requested by contacting the Financial Aid Office after you have registered for summer classes at 660-785-4130 or

When completing the Application for Summer Financial Aid, be very careful to answer the questions correctly about actual summer course enrollment—whether interim, 5 weeks or 8 weeks and the number of credit hours carried each of those terms. These answers affect summer cost figures and aid amounts. Any change in enrollment needs to be reported to the Financial Aid Office as it could cause student aid to increase or decrease.

The priority date to have the Application for Summer Financial Aid turned in is April 15.

The availability of Work-Study and supplemental grants for summer students depends on funding.

Pell Grant eligibility is figured on a student-by-student basis.

Federal Direct Loans are frequently requested for summer school use. Be sure to check into the effects a summer loan will have on the Direct Loan amount limit that can be requested during the next term and always be aware of the aggregate loan limit as you work towards the successful completion of your degree.

Midwest Student Exchange requires full-time enrollment (12+ credit hours for undergraduate students; 9+ hours for graduate students).