Grants and Loans

Grants and loans may be an essential part of how you pay for college. You must apply for Federal and State Aid in order to receive any grant or loan funds. This is accomplished by completing the FAFSA.


Grants are essentially free money. This money is designed to help you and your family cover the cost of attendance at Truman. These costs include direct costs like tuition and housing and meals. Also covered are indirect costs such as books, travel, and other personal expenses. Grants at Truman come mainly from two entities, the Federal Government and the State of Missouri.


There are two separate types of loans: Federal Direct Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) and Parent PLUS) or alternative loans (personal/private loans from a lending institution).

We recommend contacting the Financial Aid Office before you apply for an alternative loan to see if you qualify for any additional free or lower-cost financial aid.

If you are not able to cover your costs through scholarships, grants, federal loans, or other resources, you need to look into alternative loan options. You can view multiple options through FASTChoice, an online private loan selection and counseling tool.