Work Experience for Theatre Students

There are several opportunities to work with the faculty outside of the normal classroom or production situations through Work-Study, Work-Scholarship or Student Employment. Openings in the past have included office workers, house management, promotions/publicity, Auditorium scheduling, and internships in the sound, scenic and costume areas.

  • Scholarship Renewals
    University Scholarships may be renewed for the next academic year if the scholarship recipients achieve and maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.25 while enrolled as a full-time student. Some scholarships require service hours for renewal after the Freshman year. Students may obtain work within the Theatre Department. (NOTE: These rules do not apply for renewal of the Freshman Theatre Scholarships.)
  • Federal Work-Study Program
    Under the College Work Study Program, the federal government and the University together make part-time work available to college students. Students may obtain work within the Theatre Department. Work time usually ranges from one to four hours per day arranged around the student’s schedule. Pay is at the current federal minimum wage.
  • Student Employment
    Limited institutional employment opportunities are available to students needing financial assistance or desiring the experience of working with the faculty. Eligibility requirements include full-time enrollment, at least a 2.0 GPA, and no conflicts with other financial aid guidelines. Students receiving Work-Study are not eligible for institutional employment. Work assignments are generally made during the Spring for the following year.
  • The Kohlenberg Lyceum Series
    Student technicians and designers have the opportunity to work with (and add to their working resumes) the professional touring theatre, opera, and ballet companies that perform annually through Truman’s outstanding Kohlenberg Lyceum Series. Past companies have included the Guthrie Theatre, Arkansas Repertory, American Shakespeare, St. Louis Opera, among many others.