Follow-Up Study Transfer

Follow-up Study of Accepted Transfer Applicants Who Enroll at Other Institutions

We would appreciate a few minutes of your time in answering several questions about your college enrollment.  We are always interested in ways to improve Truman State University.  The information you provide will greatly help us.  Thank you in advance for your assistance

How many semesters of post high school college have you completed?

Approximately how many credit hours have you completed?

Are you a member of Phi Theta Kappa?


Are you a Missouri Resident?

Through what source(s) did you become interested in Truman State University? (Please check all that apply)

Have you visited Truman State University?

If yes, how many visits have you made to campus?

Will you be enrolling in the honors college at that school?

Please indicate FIVE characteristics that were most important to you in the college selection process and indicate how Truman compares to the college or university you selected.  Please use a scale from one to ten, one (1) meaning that your expectations were not met and ten (10) meaning that your expectations were exceeded. 

  • Academic reputation
  • Campus activities (clubs, etc.)
  • Campus visit experience
  • Computer facilities
  • Costs
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Financial aid award
  • Graduate school/job placement
  • Liberal arts and sciences emphasis
  • Location
  • Net Price Calculator
  • Personalized correspondence
  • Publications
  • Quality of facilities
  • Quality of faculty
  • Quality of student body
  • Quality of your specific major
  • Residence halls
  • Scholarship award
  • Selection of majors
  • Selective admission standards
  • Size of student body
  • Social atmosphere
  • Varsity athletics
  • Website
  • Other (please specify)

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