Facilities and Equipment for Communication Students

The communication teaching facilities and learning laboratories are located in the Communication complex in Barnett Hall. In addition to teaching space and the Forensics Squadroom, the Communication Department has:

  • Communication Lab for assistance in preparation for speech assignments; also provides space for faculty or student research involving focus groups and small groups or for seminar studies
  • Student Media Center (includes the multimedia NewsCenter, KTRM-FM)
  • television studio
  • classrooms equipped with computer and AV projection systems, cameras for recording presentations, and Internet access.
  • all-digital production facilities for classes and student media in broadcast, print, and online work

Virtual Tour

Take a quick tour around Barnett Hall, which houses the digital production facilities, Communication Lab, Student Media Center, the KTRM-FM radio station, television studio and control room.
News Room
Index newspaper
Radio Station