Housing Services

Residence Life’s goal is to provide an outstanding on-campus experience for you by providing a variety of services.

Roommate Central And YouEverything from the Roommate Agreement to how to change rooms if you want to, Roommate Central is your one stop shop for all things roommate.

ID OfficeYour ID is one of the most important items you will have while on campus.  Coming back to the residence halls late? You need your ID.  Checking out a book at the library? You need your ID.  Eating dinner in the residence halls? You need your ID.  For all things ID, go here.

Fridges and MicrowavesAllow us to provide a microfridge for you.  For a small fee, we will put a microfridge in your room prior to you moving in and take it out at the end of the year.  If it breaks during the year, we’ll put in a new one in for you.

Is something broken?Is your heat working? Is your toilet running?  If you need that or anything else fixed, contact the fix-it crew to get it solved quickly and easily.

Television Service – Here you can find information about television services that are included in your on-campus experience.