Art Major (BFA, Studio): Sample 4-Year Plan

The plan listed below is designed to provide suggestions for sequencing your major courses, but there are also other ways to sequence most majors. This plan is meant to provide aid in early, provisional planning. Please consult with your academic advisor to make strategic academic decisions about which courses to take each semester.

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Sample Four Year Plan: Art (BFA), Studio Art

(Concentrations in Ceramics, Fibers, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Inter-Specialty*)

FALL - Semester 1

TRU 100: Truman Symposium
TRU 110: Self and Society, Section 09 (Fall only)
ART 101: Observational Drawing
ART 201: Design Software and Process
ART 211: 3D Design
Dialogues coursework

SPRING - Semester 2

ART 202: Figure Drawing
ART 201: Design, Software and Process
ART 211: 3D Design
Dialogues coursework

FALL - Semester 3

Major Studio I***
ART 222, 223, or 224 (Art History)
ART 2/3xx: (opposite area of specialty)
Dialogues coursework

SPRING - Semester 4

Major Studio II
ART 315: Intermediate Drawing Exploration
ART 222, 223, or 224 (Art History)
Dialogues coursework

FALL - Semester 5

Major Studio III
ART 2/3xx (Free Studio Elective)
Art 326: Contemporary Art
ART 303: Art Bus
JINS Course
Elective(s) and/or Dialogues coursework

SPRING - Semester 6

Major Studio IV
ART 3/4xx (Art History Writing Enhanced)
Elective(s) and/or Dialogues coursework

FALL - Semester 7

Major Studio V
ART 425: Capstone: Senior Seminar (Fall only)
ART 303: Art Bus
ART 445: Capstone Experience I (Fall only)
Elective(s) and/or Dialogues coursework

SPRING - Semester 8

ART 447: Capstone Experience II (Fall only)
ART 2/3xx (opposite area of specialty)
Elective(s) and/or Dialogues coursework


*Students pursuing the Inter-Specialty option must speak to an Art Department advisor as they will have different requirements than those laid out here.

**Students are discouraged from taking more than 2, and never more then 3, of the six contact-hour studio or design courses in a given semester. Take either of these courses the first semester, and then take the other in the spring.

***These courses do not have pre-requisites, so students who transfer in credit for first-year foundations courses may start taking these courses in the specialties soon than suggested here.

The Dialogues curriculum requires a certain number of courses/credit hours in the following Perspectives: Social, Arts and Humanities, STEM, Communications, and Statistics. The exact number of courses a student will be required to take during their undergraduate career varies individually according to the credit transferred in.

Department Chair: Please contact the Center for Academic Excellence with any updates to the plan above.

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate class offerings for this major. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for certifying completion of degree requirements based on requirements specified in Truman's Official Catalog.

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