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  • Art of Living Club
  • Philosophy & Religion Club

Philosophy Links

General Reference Guides & Search Engines

  • Pickler Memorial Library’s Philosophy/Religion Reference Page
    This page includes the absolutely, positively, 100%, no-doubt-about-it invaluable Philosopher’s Index, the giant search engine for bibliographic info on just about every philosophy book and article written in the last 50+ years.  Check it out!
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    One of the premier, open-access compendia of philosophy on the Internet, the Stanford Encyclopedia features peer-reviewed survey articles on various topics in philosophy, authored by specialists well-regarded in the sub-areas of philosophy on which they write.
    Another absolutely great resource– it contains the texts of articles in major scholarly journals (including many philosophy and religion ones).
  • Philpapers
    The world’s best search engine for online (and frequently cutting-edge) research in philosophy
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Another peer-reviewed compendium of philosophy
  • Erratic Impact
    Another good general resource page for philosophy links
  • The Philosophers’ Magazine Online
    Online version of an interesting magazine about recent developments in philosophy

Professional Organizations

Teaching & Philosophy

Classical Greek Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind

  • David Chalmers’ Site O’ Links
    This site, created by a renowned philosopher of mind at the Australian National University, is a real treasure chest for students interested in the study of consciousness and the philosophy of mind.


  • The Epistemology Page
    A very detailed bibliography of all things related to the study of knowledge and reasonable belief, by esteemed Yale philosopher Keith DeRose

Religious Studies Links

General Reference Guides & Search Engines


Eastern Religions in General


Interdisciplinary Philosophy/Religious Studies Links

Asian Studies (including Religion and Philosophy)

Psychology and Religion

Women, gender, and religion