Transferring to Truman with an AA Degree

Upon completion of an Associates of Arts (AA) degree from a community college, you can transfer to Truman State University where you can pursue a Bachelor's degree, then apply to our Master of Arts in Education (MAE) program.

Master of Arts in Education

MAE Specialty Area Requirements

Interested in teaching art?

Truman also offers two pathways to Art Certification.

Your Pathway to Becoming a Teacher

You will receive personalized advising to ensure timely degree completion. You should discuss your educational and career goals with your Truman advisor as early as possible.

Step 1:

It is important to contact Truman’s Admissions counselor for Transfer Programs as soon as possible to assist you in making course selections that will be beneficial at both your two-year college and Truman. You can set up a personalized meeting to review your information and develop a plan.

Step 2:

You will apply to Truman as a transfer student. If enough of your courses transfer, you will start at Truman as a junior. For most certification areas for the Master of Arts in Education program, you must major in the subject you want to teach. For example, if you plan to teach English, you should major in English. For elementary and special education certification, you are free to major in anything you like provided you meet all education course requirements established by Truman State University and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Step 3:

During your senior year at Truman, apply for the Master of Arts in Education program. Admission requirements for the MAE program will vary depending on your selected specialty area. The elementary MAE admission is automatic as long as you meet course and GPA requirements.

Step 4:

Once you have met the core admission requirements for the Master of Arts in Education program (and your specialty area requirements) and have been accepted into the MAE program, you can complete the program in as little as one year for most specialty areas. MAE graduates are issued teaching certificates by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Opportunities for Future Teachers

Student advisor

Personalized Academic Advising

The Education faculty ensure individual mentoring to guide you every step of the way.

Dorm room

Special Campus Housing Option

Our Future Teachers Living and Learning Community is our education-focused residence hall community. Live with other future educators in Missouri Hall.