Admission to Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Program

Truman prepares teachers for initial certification through a graduate program, the Masters of Arts in Education (MAE). Students initially complete a bachelor’s degree with a strong liberal arts background. Requirements for entry into the MAE are clearly identified with our core admission requirements (see below) and the admission standards for each specialty area. The MAE accepts all qualified candidates. Students who meet these requirements should be confident they will be admitted to the graduate program. Ninety-nine percent of applicants to the MAE program are admitted.

Core admission requirements include:

  1. A strong liberal arts and sciences degree (GPA requirement varies by program).
  2. Three letters of recommendation submitted to the Graduate Office, McClain 203.
  3. Application forms submitted to the Graduate Office.
  4. Additional requirements as specified by the specialty areas (see Teaching Certification Programs).

To apply to our Master of Arts in Education program, go to our Applying for Graduate Studies website.

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