Admission to Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Program

Students are admitted into the MAE on the basis of scholastically competitive criteria. Requirements for admission to graduate study are listed in the Graduate Studies section of the catalog. Note that there are core requirements AND specialty area requirements. Admission to the Secondary (Math, Science, History, English) and K-12 (Music, French, Spanish, Health and Exercise Science) MAE programs is a multi-step process: recommendation of the faculty and Department Chair in the specialty area, recommendation of the Department Chair in Education, and recommendation from the Dean of School of Health Sciences and Education. Elementary and Special Education have a direct admission policy for Truman State University undergraduates with four (4) gateways.

Secondary and K-12 MAE programs have application deadlines for admission: September 1, October 1, November 1, February 1, March 1, and April 1. Admission requirements as well as other general and specific information, are listed on the Education (MAE) program’s webpage.

Secondary and K-12 Core requirements for admission are:

  1. a strong liberal arts and sciences baccalaureate degree with at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA (3.0 GPA preferred);
  2. three letters of recommendation submitted;
  3. application forms submitted online (click on “Degree-Seeking Graduate Students”).
  4. personal statement submitted.

Specialty area requirements >

Additional admission information for: