Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education program is a certification program aiming to achieve excellence by ensuring that graduates possess broad knowledge as well as mastery in a subject specialization. This professional teacher preparation includes graduate pedagogical coursework, advanced content in the teaching specialty, the internship experience and action research. Specific course information and requirements can be found in the catalog. Be sure to check out additional information in the certification areas below. If you want to seek teacher certification at Truman, you must complete an undergraduate degree in a discipline and then complete the MAE.

Application Checklist

  • Online application and $40 fee
  • Personal statement/interests (uploaded in online application)
  • Résumé (uploaded in online application)
  • Three letters of recommendation (Submit recommender’s information in online application)
  • Transcripts  from all colleges and universities from which you earned college credit, including high school dual credit (Truman applicants do not need to submit Truman transcripts)
  • Secondary English applicants also must submit a reflective portfolio to Dr. Barbara Price
  • Graduate Teaching Research Assistant (GTRA) application (optional — available as part of online application)


Applications for acceptance into the Master of Arts in Education program are due before the firsts of the following months:

Fall: February 1, March 1, April 1
Spring: September 1, October 1, November 1
Summer: April 1

GTRA applications for the upcoming academic year are due February 15th.

Please note, to enroll during regular enrollment/registration dates, your application should be completed by February 1 for Summer/Fall start and by September 1 for Spring start.

Certification Areas

The following certification areas are currently offered in the Education program. Click each area to find out about additional requirements.

The Elementary Education Program welcomes applicants from any Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program offered at Truman State University. Based upon national trends in elementary education, the faculty recommends BS or BA degrees in content areas (math, science, history, English, foreign language, health science); however, all BS or BA degrees are eligible.

At least one letter of recommendation must demonstrate the individual’s ability to work effectively with children in a classroom or related setting.  The candidate’s personal statement must demonstrate the desire and disposition to be an elementary educator.

The candidate must have completed ED 393 Clinical Experiences in Teaching with a grade of B or higher and ED 394 Experience in Classroom Teaching with a P. If the candidate is enrolled in ED393 and/or ED394 at the time of application, the application will be held until grade confirmation. Transfer students will be interviewed if they have not taken ED 393 and ED 394 prior to applying for admission.

Interviews for any applicant may take place at the discretion of the elementary faculty to provide clarification on any of the required qualifications.

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in 15-hour specialty track courses within the Bachelor of Science major.

Personal statement should address motivation to become a physical educator and related current experiences.

Students must have a minimum 3.25 GPA in their language major (French, Spanish or Romance Languages) and demonstrate Intermediate-Mid proficiency (or above) on the ACTFL scale in the language they plan to teach. Students will normally take the STAMP web-based proficiency test, but may demonstrate proficiency through other faculty-approved proficiency assessments. Students should contact the MAE specialty director and arrange to take the proficiency test during the second semester of their junior year.

Students scoring below Intermediate-Mid should develop a language proficiency plan which may include additional coursework, study abroad, or independent study, and submit this plan for approval to the MAE specialty director.  The student must retake the assessment and score at the Intermediate-Mid level before applying for admission.

In addition, students must present at least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member (French or Spanish) for the language they plan to teach.  This letter should comment on the student’s ability with the language, work habits and suitability for graduate study.  Ideally, the student should also show evidence of experience working with young people such as volunteer work, camps or tutoring.

The Music Department requires that students establish and maintain a minimum composite GPA of 3.0 computed using grades in all undergraduate music courses and also complete an MAE Review (after completing the ED 389 Foundations of Education course). Details and instructions about the Review can be obtained from the Music MAE Director in the Department of Music.

All applicants to the Secondary English MAE program will provide an application package that presents evidence of their development of the necessary knowledge, skills, and disposition to become successful teachers of English.

Additional components of the application include:

  • a reflective portfolio – turned in to Dr. Barbara Price in MC 310
  • an interview – you will be contacted during the application process

Applicants can demonstrate appropriate development of knowledge, skills, and disposition in a variety of ways.  In general, however, criteria for admission include:

  • Required: 2.75 GPA overall
  • Strongly desired: 3.0 English GPA
  • Required: 2.75 English GPA
    (Missouri certification requires 2.5 in major)

Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprising the English MAE faculty, the Director of Graduate Studies in English, and faculty representatives from the BA and BS programs.  Each interview will be conducted by the MAE faculty and in some cases other member(s) of the committee.

In addition to informing the admission decision, the components of the application are designed to provide material for formative feedback that will both help applicants make the transition from student to teacher and prepare them to make similar applications for professional positions.

  • A candidate must have or be completing an undergraduate degree in mathematics equivalent to the mathematics major requirements at Truman.
  • A candidate’s certification GPA (all mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses included) must be at least a 2.75 with at least a 3.0 GPA preferred.
  • Candidates must have earned a C or better in MATH 363 College Geometry (or its equivalent) and have passed either MATH 455 History of Mathematics I or MATH 456 History of Mathematics II (or the equivalent.)
  • Candidates must have significant, pre-professional teaching experiences including some of the following:  tutoring, grading, substitute teaching, attending professional conferences, and/or working with adolescents in summer programs.
  • Candidates seeking to complete a full-year internship should have most of the above experiences.
  • A candidate’s letters of recommendation must address the candidate’s potential to succeed in graduate-level mathematics classes as well as qualities related to teaching.
  • A candidate’s personal statement should include a discussion of the required experiences.
  • Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and disposition for teaching and may be interviewed.
  • Undergraduate GPA must be at least 2.5 in the major with a 3.0 GPA preferred.
  • Applicants must have significant pre-professional teaching experiences including some of the following: tutoring, substitute teaching, attending professional conferences and working with adolescents in sponsored programs.
  • At least one letter of recommendation must show the applicant’s suitability to work with secondary-level school children.  One letter must be from a professor who can attest to the applicant’s ability to be successful in graduate-level science courses.
  • The personal statement must be written clearly and coherently indicating the applicant’s ability to communicate via the written word.
  • Applicants may also be interviewed to provide clarification on any of the qualifications.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in history or a social science discipline (history degree preferred, or at least a range of history coursework if the degree is in another discipline).
  • Strongly prefer a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in all coursework taken at Truman.
  • Require a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major.
  • Require that at least one of the three letters of reference in the application be from a professor in the student’s major who can speak to the candidate’s ability to succeed in graduate-level history courses.  Other letters should reflect specifically on either the candidate’s academic strengths or the candidate’s potential to provide a positive influence on young people in a classroom setting.
  • Evidence (as displayed in the personal statement, letters of reference, and the candidate’s experiences) of the ability to work effectively with high school students.
  • Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and disposition for teaching.
  • A strong liberal arts and sciences baccalaureate degree with at least 2.75 cumulative undergraduate GPA (3.0 preferred)
  • Three letters of recommendations submitted
  • Personal statement regarding the desire and disposition to work with students with disabilities.


For questions regarding the Master of Arts in Education program, contact the Department of Education.