New Student Scholarships

Completion of your undergraduate application for admission will provide automatic consideration for both automatic and competitive scholarships without requiring additional steps from you. The Office of Admission provides scholarship packages based on your merits and academic success. Many of these awards are stackable and renewable for up to eight semesters at Truman. International Students are also eligible for some scholarship awards.

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Current Truman Students

Current Truman students can apply for scholarships established through the Truman State University Foundation which works hard to find alumni and friends who value the hard work and dedication Truman students put toward their education. Applications for these donor-funded scholarships are available several times a year. An online application can be found on TruView under the Student tab, Student Finances, Scholarships, Foundation Scholarship Applications.

Other Scholarships

There’s more money out there if you know where to find it. There are a number of online tools you can explore to find more scholarship money!

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Truman student Nathan Klein

Even in a small department, the personal contact matters. In the fall of my freshman year, I went to a barbecue at a professor’s house, so I met students and professors personally early on. I also joined the Society of Physics Students, where I met older students who gave me good advice about my four-year plan.

Nathan K., Physics Major, Philosophy & Religion Minor