If you’re interested in the language, culture, and arts of Asia, you can add Truman’s interdisciplinary Asian and Asian American Studies minor to deepen your understanding of global and cultural engagement. Depending on your particular area of interest, you can choose from three focus options:

  • East Asian
    Concentrating on China and Japan, you can choose to pursue intermediate proficiency in Japanese or Chinese, then take a wide variety of courses in literature, history, culture, religious studies.

  • South or Pan-Asian
    There is no language requirement for a South or Pan Asian emphasis, though you can choose to study an appropriate language that is offered. You can choose from courses in literature, art, history, culture, economics, civilization, and the historic and modern connections between the many Asian countries.

  • Asian/Asian American
    Your coursework in this emphasis encompasses the history, language, religions, literature, and geography of the many Asian nations and cultures, as well as their unique experience within the United States. Because there is a wider variety of courses to choose from and no language requirement, this is the most flexible of the three Asian and Asian American Studies minor emphases.

If you want to turn this interdisciplinary studies minor into a major, consider Truman’s interdisciplinary studies major.

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