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Ph.D., Economics, Virginia Tech 


Dr. Chen joined the Truman faculty in 2001. She teaches principles and intermediate macroeconomics, international monetary theory and policy, international trade theory and policy, economics of East Asia, and other courses. Her research interest includes credit risk, household saving behavior, regional economics in East Asia, and economic integration. She has published in Applied Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, China Economic Review, Journal of Economic Integration, International Journal of Economic Behavior, and other academic journals and books. 

Notice to students: Beware of unsolicited emails purporting to come from faculty members. Dr. Chen never sends emails soliciting applications for potential paid or unpaid employment positions or initiates conversations about research with students not currently enrolled in one of her classes, nor would she ever ask you to provide personal information or send money. Any available positions will only be advertised through TruPositions