Classical Studies Minor

Greek + History + Classics (Myth) and More

Study Across Disciplines


Regardless of what major you’re pursuing, the interdisciplinary classical studies minor can add breadth and depth to your degree. Pursue answers to the questions that spark your curiosity as you explore ancient Greek and Roman worlds and their tremendous influence on later societies, up to and including our modern civilization.

A background in classics is especially beneficial if you’re interested in advanced study in politics, religion, English and comparative literature. It also lays a strong foundation for law, medicine, seminary and professional degrees.

Enhance Your Skill Set

There’s a lot to be learned from classical antiquity. By studying various aspects of ancient Greek and Roman languages and cultures, you develop a sense of how the ancients responded to the universal questions of the human experience. Cultivate your skills of inquiry, analysis, and communication through lively class discussions, study groups, and campus events. Expand your professional network through student organizations like the Classics Club for a chance to meet like-minded peers at meetings and conferences.

Classical Studies Minor Committee

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APDC Cross-Disciplinary Course Collaboration Grant awarded to Dr. Amy NorgardAPDC Cross-Disciplinary Course Collaboration Grant awarded to Dr. Amy Norgard

May 1, 2021

Dr. Amy Norgard (Classics) has been awarded an APDC Cross-Disciplinary Course Collaboration Grant with Prof. Laura Bigger (Art) that will bring together Latin and art students in a joint project. Through engagement with Sebastian Brant’s 1502 edition of Vergil’s corpus housed in Truman’s Special Collections, art students in Printmaking I (ART 217) and advanced Latin […]

Truman Students Elected as National OfficersTruman Students Elected as National Officers

April 28, 2021

Two Truman Classics students were recently elected to hold national office in Eta Sigma Phi, the national collegiate honor society for the study of Classics: Debeaux Bowman (2022) was elected and installed as National President. Sophia Picard (2022) is the new National Treasurer. How great to see Missouri’s Public Liberal Arts & Sciences University take […]

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