Faculty & Staff

Ph.D. Classical Philology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2015)
Teaching Certification in Latin, grades K-12, Illinois Council on Teacher Education (2012)
M.A. Classics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2009)
B.A. Classical Languages, Marquette University (2007)

Since coming to Truman in 2015, I have taught classes in Latin language and culture, I have served as the advisor to Eta Sigma Phi, the undergraduate Classics Honors Society, and I have overseen student research initiatives. Additionally, I am an organizer of the meetings of the Missouri Classical Association.  My research interests include Augustan Age literature, Roman satire, reception and film studies, and Classical pedagogy.  I am currently revising my dissertation, a study on Horace's Satires and its employment of imagery of the physical body and sensory aesthetics, within a satiric medium. 



Courses taught at Truman:

CLAS 310: Classical Antiquity on Screen

CLAS 352: Roman Civilization

CLAS 361: Greek and Roman Mythology

CLAS 461: Classics Capstone Experience

CML 200: Service Learning - Latin

LATN 150: Elementary Latin I

LATN 151: Elementary Latin II

LATN 250: Intermediate Latin I

LATN 251: Intermediate Latin II

LATN 350: Petronius and Apuleius

LATN 450: Latin Prose Composition

TRU 110: Classical Foundations of Self & Society