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Sadie Williams

SADIE: Racking up experience with an eye on the future

History Major/Spanish Minor
Sadie Williams is a good example of how Truman use their passions to shape their future and push the limits to stand out above the crowd. Growing up in Utah, she was always curious about history. A high-school study-abroad trip to Argentina ignited a passion for the Spanish language. Starting her first day of college, she started taking advantage of every opportunity she came across to help propel her toward the type of job that would offer meaningful work doing what she loved. Read Sadie’s story»

Bethany spent Spring Break in Vienna, Prague & Budapest

BETHANY: Enhancing academic understanding through study abroad in Bulgaria

History Major/Art History and Philosophy and Religion MinorsWhen she started college, Bethany Moore knew she wanted to study abroad. After weighing her options, she chose to study in Bulgaria and used the opportunity to travel to more than 10 countries. While earning credit toward her degree, Bethany expanded her education with a global experience that resulted in a diverse outlook on the world. Read Bethany’s story»

Jennifer Marks: Research Project Digitizing WWII-era Letters

JENNIFER: Conducting hands-on research digitizing World War II letters

History & English Dual Major
Pursuing her interest in history, Jennifer Marks embarked on a research project to create the first online digital archives of World War II-era letters from Kirksville citizens for the Century America Project. The letters, which are part of a collection housed in Special Collections at Truman State University’s Pickler Memorial Library, represent the voices of the Great War.
Watch Jennifer’s video»

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Mason Bracken '17 grad

In all the classes I have taken in the department, I have spoken with professors easily outside of the classroom, and they consistently offer plenty of help on coursework and take a genuine interest in my personal and professional development. The professors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse academic interests, so the department offers a lot of different content and perspectives.

Mason B., History Major