As a creative writing major, you develop skills for written expression under the guidance of award-winning writers and scholars offering you individualized attention. You’ll work with passionate writers, attend readings by prominent visiting writers, and gain practical experience in writing and publishing. The ability to write well is a highly valued specialization, and our program gives you widely applicable tools that can be used across myriad industries no matter where your career takes you.

Career Preparation for Professional Writers


Career Paths

Powerful and creative writers are in high demand for diverse fields such as publishing, teaching, journalism, filmmaking, media, editorial and literary consulting, law, and education. Developing your skills in writing, creativity, critical thinking, research, and literary analysis also provides excellent training for graduate programs in creative writing, English, public policy, foreign service, education, and more.

Featured Courses

Learn the fundamentals of screenwriting including narrative structure, character development, and dialogue.
Analyze the way novelists redefine the range of what is possible in this genre and examine issues of character, voice, narrative and related formal elements, as well as considering the emergence of the novel as a literary form and its evolution.
Explore myths and mythic patterns inherent in world cultures and literatures, including classical Greek and Roman, South American, North American, African, Asian, Sumerian, and Germanic civilizations.
Learn about the history of folklore as an academic discipline along with methods of fieldwork and its analysis.
Study multiple narrative forms, such as graphic novels, plays, contemporary fiction, and film to become more knowledgeable about the value of literature and film to society.
Learn how to relate literature to the needs, abilities, and interests of children through reading and evaluation of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and folklore for K-7.

Student Opportunities

Study group


Internships across the country and abroad allow you to gain real-world experience, make connections, build marketable skills, and earn credit toward your degree.

Study group

Literary Publications

Develop your writing, editing, and publishing skills in a professional environment via Truman’s online literary journal, a student-edited campus literary magazine, and a student-produced newspaper.

Visting scholar

Workshops with Renowned Authors

Meet award-winning visiting writers and scholars from around the world who offer seminars, masterclasses, and workshops on the Truman campus.


Help Your Peers

Students with considerable understanding of English composition and language are encouraged to apply for a consultant position within Truman's Writing Center.