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Add depth and diversity to your major by expanding your studies beyond the United States with an International Studies Minor. This interdisciplinary minor engages students in the study and understanding of social, political, economic, or cultural aspects of some other parts of the globe which addresses broader global issues, such as transnational relations, international or regional interactions, and other issues dealing with expanding globalization.

Choose Your Own Emphasis: Regional concentration or global topics

There’s more than one way to view the world. Maybe you’d like to focus on a specific traditional region, such as Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Africa. You could also define a region according to other logical or organizing principles, such as the Mediterranean region, the Spanish-speaking parts of the world, or the Francophone world. Or maybe you’re curious about the literature, art, music, and religion of different cultures and will have an eclectic approach.

You could also emphasize global issues or topics, such as development, globalization, world trade, global warming, democratization and good governance, or any regional or cross-regional topic of global interest or importance.

International Studies is all about discovering regional, international, or transnational connections. You’ll learn to recognize a broad range of ways of engaging with the rest of the world leading to critical reflection of your own place within it.  From historians to economists, political scientists to geographers, scientists to linguists, from scholars of literature to those in communication, to religious or philosophical scholars or musicians, regional specialists to general interest learners, this minor can complement and broaden the scope of any traditional major you choose.

For more information on the specifics of the International Studies Minor, click here  (15 credit hours plus any language requirement and/or exemption. Waivers for language requirements can be sought).

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At Truman, we know that all fields of study are connected in fascinating ways. International Studies is one of 16 interdisciplinary studies programs you can explore. You can also pursues an Interdisciplinary Studies Major that allows you to custom-design your own field of study. See Interdisciplinary Studies Program for more information.

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Brittany Temple

Costa Rica study abroad was an experience of a lifetime. Study abroad in Costa Rica was undoubtedly my most personally satisfying and most impacting experience here at Truman. I was completely immersed in the beautiful “tica” culture which I feel like is now part of my culture. I feel a deep connection with the country and culture of Costa Rica. I gained a family that I know will be there to welcome me whenever I return to Costa Rica.

Brittany T., Biology Major/Spanish for the Professions Minor
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February 12, 2018

Jessica Colpoys, assistant professor of animal science, will serve as the director for the Office of Student Research for a three-year appointment, effective May 1, 2018.

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February 12, 2018

The James and Margaret Mudd Teacher Recognition Scholarship at Truman provides graduating students with the opportunity to honor an outstanding high school teacher who made a transforming impact in their life.

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