Applying for Foundation Scholarships

Each year, the Truman State University Foundation awards donor-funded scholarships to currently enrolled Truman students. The Foundation scholarships are financed by the contributions of alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff, campus organizations, foundations and corporations who believe in Truman’s important mission.

Selection of Scholarship Recipients

  • Students must be enrolled as a full-time student at Truman to receive the full amount for a Truman State University Foundation scholarship.
  • Students who are receiving institutional, state and federal aid that exceed the direct cost of tuition, room and board are excluded from the applicant pool for Foundation scholarships.
  • Factors considered for the awarding of the various Foundation scholarships are determined by the donor/s so criterion varies from scholarship to scholarship. When you start the online application process for Foundation scholarships, you will automatically be considered for all Foundation scholarships for which you qualify.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be awarded the scholarship — scholarship recipients are selected by a committee and notified by email.

Application Availability

Foundation scholarship applications are open several times a year, and students can submit an application through TruView in February for a majority of the Foundation scholarships that will be distributed for the next academic year.  All Truman students receive email notifications with application information and deadlines, and application availability is also posted in:

How to Apply

Before you begin
You must be currently enrolled as a full-time student at Truman before you can apply for Truman Foundation scholarships (Are you an incoming freshman? Your undergraduate application for admission to Truman provided automatic consideration for automatic and  competitive scholarships so no additional steps are required by you. Additional scholarship information is available for transfer students and international students).

Current Truman students can apply for Foundation scholarships through TruView.

  1. To find the application for Foundation scholarships, log into TruView and go to the Student TabStudent FinancesFoundation Scholarship Application.
  2. Complete the personal information page and then follow the two-step process to select scholarships you want to apply for (all the scholarships for which you qualify will automatically appear on your list of scholarship options).
    NOTE: The  list of scholarship options will vary depending on which scholarships are available at that point in time.
  3. You can revise your application at any time. At the deadline, the most recent submission for each scholarship will be the application considered by the committee.
  4. Email confirmations are sent within 24 hours for each application received. If you do not receive an email, your application was not received.
  5. Students selected to receive Foundation scholarships are notified by email.
  6. Students who receive a Foundation scholarship are required to write a thank-you letter/s and submit a photo that is mailed to their scholarship donor.

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