Financial Information for Graduate Studies

At Truman, we believe in providing high-quality education for an affordable price. However, we also know that education is expensive and students can use all of the financial help available. Below and in the menu to the left you will find specific pieces of financing your education at the graduate level.

Most important is the cost of tuition for graduate studies. This changes each year and is updated each July for the upcoming academic year.

The cost of attendance gives a general estimate overview of what it costs for an in-state or out-of-state student to attend Truman for a year. This includes tuition, additional fees, housing, meals, and transportation. Please note this is only an estimate and specific students may have a higher or lower cost of yearly attendance.

Fellowships are available from outside sources (the link will auto-direct to a listing of all fellowships). The top section are Nationally Competitive and require a campus support/nomination. The bottom section includes all other fellowships that do not require students to have a campus nomination or work with a campus representative. This list includes fellowships available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Financial support for graduate students includes all Truman-specific related ways to help cover your tuition costs such as Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship (GTRA) Positions, Scholarships, Midwest Student Exchange Program, International Out-of-State Tuition Waiver, Professional Development Grant, Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship and Research, and Financial Literacy Resources.

Once you are a student on campus, you are eligible for Truman State University Foundation Scholarships for graduate students. Some of these scholarships are open each semester and some open once a year. Watch your email for associated deadlines for Foundation Scholarships.