Scholarship Renewal

After your freshman year at Truman, scholarships are reviewed based on your cumulative Truman Grade Point Average (GPA). Scholarships are normally reviewed for renewal after spring semester grades are posted.

All Scholarship Renewals

You are required to pass at least 24 credit hours during the academic year, and not have used eight semesters of scholarship, to remain eligible.

Scholarships are renewed for the academic year with this scale:

  • 3.25 and above — Full renewal
  • 3.20 – 3.24 — 90% of original value
  • 3.10 – 3.19 — 80% of original value
  • 3.00 – 3.09 — 70% of original value

Transfer student scholarship eligibility is prorated based on the number of transferable credit hours.

  • 12-29.9 hours – eight semesters of scholarship eligibility
  • 30-59.9 hours – seven semesters of scholarship eligibility
  • 60-89.9 hours – five semesters of scholarship eligibility
  • 90 or more hours – three semesters of scholarship eligibility

Scholarship Renewal Service

If you have been awarded more than $1,250 of scholarships per semester, your scholarship renewal requirements will include completing a scholarship renewal service of 60 hours per semester (less than 5 hours per week) beginning your sophomore year. The TruPositions website should be used when you are searching for a position. If you do not want to complete the service requirement, you may opt to renew one half of your scholarship, or receive only $1,250 of scholarship awarded, whichever is greater.

Benefits of Completing Service

There are a number of benefits for completing your Scholarship Renewal Service. Whether it is gaining transportable skills in a workplace setting, or simply having a direct supervisor, the positions available to you will provide additional work depth to your strong academic resume. Often times, you are able to do your service in an office related to a career you are interested in, which provides even greater opportunities for you after you graduate.

More Questions?

The Financial Aid Office at Truman has an FAQ page dedicated to the questions you may have regarding Truman’s Scholarship Renewal. You can also view, download, and print a copy of the most up-to-date scholarship renewal policies here.