Museum Studies Minor

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Study Across Disciplines

The interdisciplinary minor in museum studies combines practical courses in exhibit preparation and object study with theoretical approaches to museum interpretation and management. Through a combination of classroom and experiential learning opportunities using facilities and materials at Truman and an internship in a museum setting, you learn how museums work. IDSM 360 (Museums: Object and Collections Management) is generally taught in the spring of odd numbered years, and IDSM 361 (Exhibition and Museums: Planning and Practice) is generally taught in the spring of even numbered years.

This interdisciplinary minor gives you a foundational understanding of museum studies along with the practical skills needed to work in a museum setting. With a minor in museum studies from Truman, you’ll be equipped for work in a variety of educational display facilities: museums, monuments, art galleries, historical houses, national parks, nature centers, zoos, botanical gardens, and more.

Discover New Connections

At Truman, we know that all fields of study are connected in complicated and fascinating ways. Museum studies is one of several interdisciplinary studies programs available for you to explore the new possibilities that open up when two or more fields overlap. Our interdisciplinary studies major even allows you to custom-design your own field of study.

Museum Studies Minor Committee

Chair: Aaron Fine, Art Department
Kathryn Brammall, History Department
Heidi Cook, Art Department
Stephanie Fore, Biology Department
Jason McDonald, History Department
Sara Orel, Art Department