Freshman Applicants

Test-Optional Policy for Fall 2022 and Fall 2023

New first year students are welcome to apply to Truman using our traditional application or our test-optional application for the Fall 2022 and Fall 2023 semesters. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed without test scores, even if you had previously had your scores sent to us or if the test scores are present on your high school transcript.

Note: If you apply using the test-optional policy, you will be unable to switch to a traditional application option after your application has been submitted. If you’re applying to be a nursing major, you must apply to the nursing program with a test score.

You can apply as a test-optional or traditional applicant through our Truman application or through the Common Application. Both applications are free for you to use and require the following materials:

Test-Optional Application (each is required):

  • Truman/Common Application
  • High School Transcript
  • Essay
  • Resume/Activities List

Traditional Application:

  • Truman/Common Application
  • High School Transcript
  • Standardized Test Score
  • Essay (optional for students who qualify for TruMerit scholarships, but recommended)
  • Resume and Activities List (optional, but recommended for best scholarship consideration)

Our admission review team will look closely at your academic performance in your core academic coursework (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) to see how challenging your courses were, how you did in those classes, and whether your coursework has prepared your well for success at Truman.

Students who have completed a rigorous preparatory curriculum, but do not feel their test score matches their academic achievements in the classroom will be best served by Truman’s Test-Optional Application.

If you are proud of your test score or qualify for any of our TruMerit scholarships you should apply using our traditional application and submit your test score. You are welcome to apply either way, but those situations usually work to your benefit.

Yes, all students without a test score will receive full consideration for merit and competitive scholarships.

Yes, test optional students will still be considered for an adjusted Trumerit scholarship. They will be awarded based on a review of your performance in core academic classes as determined by your transcript. To account for differences in grading and weighting policies across school districts, the institution will utilize an internal process to standardize review of all test-optional applicants.

Fun fact: Universities used to have unique college entrance examinations by each institution. Standardized tests were originally created so students could use a common test to meet admission criteria and then have merit scholarship consideration for students who attended public universities. Standardized tests have evolved over the last 100 years to provide universities with a national perspective on a student’s preparedness for an individual curriculum despite many different locations.

We have used test scores within our application review process as one piece of the puzzle in reviewing student applications. While test scores do a good job of demonstrating reading comprehension and logic in a standardized way, we know not everyone tests well or performs their best on tests like the ACT or SAT. That’s why we offer our test-optional policy to students- to ensure your application is the version that you’re most proud of.