Freshman Applicants

Test-Flexible Policy for Fall 2021

Many challenges face the Class of 2021, and access to standardized testing is one of those challenges. Not all applicants may have the opportunity to test in a timely manner, if at all. Truman's Test-Flexible Policy is below, offering students the opportunity to apply for admission without submitting a standardized test score.

Truman recognizes that the ACT and SAT standardized tests do play a role in providing information that assists with the holistic application review process. However, given the challenges facing the Class of 2021 with access to testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that not all applicants will have the opportunity to test in a timely manner, if at all. We are fortunate that our holistic review process values all pieces of the student application, giving us the opportunity to review a variety of information for each student.

To accommodate students unable to test, we are offering the opportunity for applications to be reviewed without submitting a standardized test score. Upon submitting an application to the university, students who would like to be considered without a test score can submit this form. This form will alert us that the application should be reviewed without a standardized test score. The admission committee reserves the right to request additional information from applicants who request consideration without a test score.*

Students who wish to be considered for admission without a test score will not qualify for the TruMerit scholarship or Truman’s automatic admission option. Any applicants wishing to be considered for admission without a test score must submit an essay. We encourage all applicants to submit additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, to supplement their application, but these are not required. To submit these additional materials, please email them to The essay and any additional materials will be used in scholarship review as well.

Competitive scholarship review will happen holistically, should students choose to apply without a test score. Students will be able to be awarded scholarship if they are admitted without a test score. If students are able to test and wish to submit a test score after their application has been reviewed for admission, we will accept those scores and will use them in scholarship review. Students can request a secondary scholarship review upon providing new academic information. Truman will accept official test scores through April of the applicant’s senior year.

This policy is only for freshman applicants for Fall 2021. Please contact your admission counselor or the Office of Admission with any questions or concerns.

*Some academic programs may require a standardized test score for consideration for their program, including academic programs which require an additional application.

Fall 2021 Test-Flexible Request Form

Students must be logged into their application account to submit the request form.